5 Unique Christmas Presents for Your Girlfriend / Wife



Your woman does a whole lot all year, so your Christmas present shouldn’t just say “Merry Christmas”. It should represent your feelings and appreciation towards her.

Below are 5 unique Christmas presents you can give to your girlfriend / wife.

1. A to do list note pad: Trust me, women always have loads and loads of things to do and remember, this could come in very handy, it might not seem romantic but it would be more useful to her than a piece of scarf or a box of chocolates. And if you want to make it romantic, make it a small notepad that you can write love quotes at the bottom of every page.

2. A charging station: You can’t have enough of this though, one at work and definitely one on the kitchen counter. How frustrating it is to try and keep your devices charging while cooking and trying to send a few emails in between cooking. You are trying to make sure, water doesn’t get in your phone or tablet. So this charging station is a mini life saver, keeps your space organized, keeps your device away from water and keeps it charging.

3. Lingerie: It might feel silly and funny, but it definitely brings out the romantic side.

4. A spa day out: This would feel really good especially if you have kids with your girlfriend or wife. Kids are not an easy job and having a full day out relaxing and getting pampered without having to worry will be very much appreciated.

5. Jewellery: I don’t think you can ever go wrong with jewellery, whether it’s a simple earring, or a show off necklace or a charm bracelet with charms that represents places and things you both share, this is a lovely idea.


Feel free to add a lovely Christmas card to any of your gifts to make it feel more personal and lovely.



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